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Wholehearted & Courageous came out of my own experience doing life with a community of safe and powerful women. The breakthrough and healing that came as a result was so transformational that I felt compelled to organize a safe place- an intimate, intentional gathering of women so that something powerful and organic could birth within it. I've been so blown away by the testimonies of what God does in these groups. Lives healed, hearts connected, the hope of healthy community resurrected. We have had up to 9 Wholehearted & Courageous groups running simultaneously, 1 group pioneered in San Antonio, TX and 1 satellite group in New York. I have no doubt that God's heart is for community, for soul health, for hearts being whole and expanded as a result of being courageous in the journey.

It's a space where women are encouraged to be fully present, or wholehearted, in the process of healing through partnership with God. It's a space where we choose to be courageous and face fear, shame, pain, AND the glory of who we are so that we can expose the lies and really begin to live in the beautiful truth of who we are created to be. It's a safe space where vulnerability and authenticity become more natural to express.

The individual journey is supported by the strength of the tribe of women who surround them. My own wholehearted journey stirred a deep passion in me to see women empower one another, reconnect to their hearts, and thrive fully in life. I have found my essence again through my time in these groups. My hope and deep desire is that every women who is looking for wholeness in their own journey would be able to engage in the process within authentic community. 

For more information on how you can get involved or request a training please CONTACT us.