Wildflowers and Flamingos exists to give your heart a voice through custom designed calligraphy and the power of story.


 Every piece created is made with you in mind. The process begins with you bringing me a quote, scripture, etc...any thought that resonates with your heart and speaks to you. From there, we talk. I listen. And then, we collaborate. The process of landing on exactly what you envisioned is just as rewarding as seeing the finished product. 

Story telling

Wildflowers and Flamingos began because a story was told. A sweet story, the size of a mustard seed, that carried within it the power to define destiny and heal an orphan heart through the experience of love and belonging. 

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Women and children

A portion of our proceeds go directly to work that is focused on restoring women and children who have experienced trauma and abuse. While we give to local non-profits, the larger portion is given to work being done in third world nations. This is where you can find out about the ministries we support. 

More info coming soon...

The most meaningful gift you can give to the world is something that comes from your most authentic self...something that comes from your heart.